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National History Academy: Case Study introduction, One Vote screening

Day 2 for the NHA, and the kids continue to amaze. 

After a long initial day in Washington DC, I expected the students to be pretty tired, but we have an incredible group of students.  We had our first classroom day today, and began by dissecting the requirements for the NHA endorsement.  Our students seemed really excited about putting all the pieces together, as we take this journey together.  Next up we started with the Harvard Business School case study about James Madison and the “federal negative.”  This is a difficult concept that not even I had heard about before the Academy started, but our students dove right in.  I am super excited to take them to Montpelier on Thursday to the actual home of James Madison, father of the Constitution.  They will conduct a case study analysis in front of Harvard Professor David Moss, in the same house where Madison wrestled with the exact same issues.  It doesn’t get cooler than that!  We followed it up with some team building and zip lining at Camp Highground, which the kids really enjoyed.  And to top if off, we finished dinner with a screening of “One Vote” and a Q & A with filmmaker Christine Woodhouse. 

The kids could have asked questions for another hour, but I have to pace them and the staff for the whole 5 weeks.  We have an amazing group.  I can’t wait for tomorrow.

Jason Cogan “Mr. C”
National History Academy