At National History Academy, we believe that history is the most important resource to understand where we are as a country today. Knowing where we’ve been gives us the tools to prepare for a better future. In July 2021, the Academy will give you an opportunity to explore the sources of many of America’s current challenges through meaningful discussions with fellow students from around the country. Join us this summer to study defining moments in our history while relating those moments to the important issues we face as a nation today. We have unlimited scholarships so all can attend our online programs this summer.

Online Programs

Middle School and High School

High School
Online Programs

Rising 10th -12th Grade Students

National History Academy students are interested in history because they are concerned about our country. This summer, the Academy provides a series of week-long opportunities for 10th, 11th and 12th-grade high school students to prepare for college through cases developed by Harvard Business School Professor David Moss, exploring events like the creation of the Constitution, the Voting Rights Act of 1965, women’s rights in America, and others. Unlimited scholarships available.


Middle School
Online Programs

Rising 7th – 9th Grade Students

NHA middle school programs each focus on a core theme crucial to our nation’s development. During our one-week programs this July, middle school students will have the unique opportunity to examine primary source documents and explore historic sites with other students from all across the country. Unlimited scholarships available.

We [heard] other people’s perspectives and why they made the choices they did before you judged whether it was right or wrong. This entire experience has taught me a lot about looking at the big picture and not being so focused on my own view that I didn’t see the validity of someone else’s point.
Emma Martinez, Dalton, OH
Online Workshops

Rising 7th-12th Grade Students

History Workshops

Rising 7th – 12th Grade Students

National History Academy Online is offering a series of free one- to four-day workshops for high school and middle school students this summer. Each workshop will allow students to delve deeper into important historical issues with leading historians and historic site educators. Study Japanese internment during World War II, the impact of Cesar Chavez, the Civil Rights movement and more!