National History Academy inspires students to understand the foundations of American democracy and the responsibilities of citizenship through experiential learning. We challenge students to participate and interact with fellow students and historic places. Our curriculum develops analytical thinking skills and encourages students to evaluate defining difficult moments in our history while relating those moments to issues we face today.


Educating the leaders of tomorrow to reflect on where our nation has been


Engaging students in the rights and responsibilities of American Citizenship


Inspiring independent thought on the importance of history in our own lives

Online Programs

Middle School and High School

High School
Online Programs

Rising 10th -12th Grade Students

National History Academy Online is a unique summer experience for rising 10th, 11th and 12th-grade high school students and recent high school graduates with an interest in the history, law and government of the United States of America.


Middle School
Online Programs

Rising 7th – 9th Grade Students

NHA middle school programs each focus on a core theme crucial to our nation’s development. These one-week programs examine primary source documents and explore historic sites across the country.

We [heard] other people’s perspectives and why they made the choices they did before you judged whether it was right or wrong. This entire experience has taught me a lot about looking at the big picture and not being so focused on my own view that I didn’t see the validity of someone else’s point.
Emma Martinez, Dalton, OH
Day Programs

Rising 7th-8th Grade Students

Extreme Journey Summer Camp

Rising 7th – 8th Grade Students

The Extreme Journey Summer Camp, based in Loudoun County, VA, challenges students to explore the meaning of leadership as they hike, bike and canoe the same paths as the leaders that came before them.