Academy News Program

Ready, Set, Chess!

Here at the National History Academy, our time isn’t spent solely on learning about the wonders of American history and how it impacts us today. During our spare time, we love to engage in many activities either as newcomers or as experienced veterans who wish to flaunt their skills. That’s what most should expect to see with the Chess Club here at NHA; nothing but friendly competition between peers in a game of tactics and strategy. As someone who still finds it hard to memorize the patterns of movement of the pieces, it impresses me that some of these players have actually gotten the hang of the game and are now engaging in the first-ever chess tournament here at NHA!

Led by Hashim Davis, one of the extraordinary teachers here at the Academy, the students have started to take their evenings seriously with a game or two. By honing their skills, they hope to prove victorious and be declared the champion of chess. Starting on July 17th at 7 PM, the students have all signed up and are ready to engage in the first rounds of the tournament. With all this excitement and pressure, it’s no wonder that some of our participants are a bit nervous, but that all goes away once they put their mind into the game and show their high levels of intelligence as they make astute moves.

And just this tournament barely covers the ground of the multitude of activities that go on after a long day of class. The students here unwind in different ways that brings them a sense of joy and encourages a community and bonds to be built. Here at NHA, it’s hard to try and stay in one’s dorm all day when there’s always something happening at almost every area accessible to the students such as the Bread Club that constantly is whipping up a delicious, fluffy treat or the Outdoorsy Club that goes on hikes to explore the wonders around the Foxcroft School campus. With so many events being organized by the staff, it’s hard to try and stay in one’s dorm when the social life here is bustling, accepting, and active.