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Social Life at the National History Academy

A common theme throughout the history of the world seems to be that several different groups of people are unable to cooperate with each other. With the growing tensions of today it would seem almost impossible to achieve something of the sort, and an even more remarkable to ensure that everyone work together in harmony. While there may have been some initial awkwardness, I have no better way to describe National History Academy but as the rarest summertime opportunity. Not only has this first week been filled with the most unique experiences in terms of historic sites and closed-door tours, but the student life has honestly been a surprising positive that has made this first week one to truly remember.

            National History Academy was created with the intention that it reflects the demographics of the United States in terms of regions. Amazingly the result is that we have people representing 28 different states and 2 territories all living under the same roof. Since the very first day I have had the immense pleasure to get to know several of my intelligent and somewhat intimidating companions, and have gotten to know them during our groundbreaking visits to Harpers Ferry, Mount Vernon, and even the Capitol Building. This short time together has brought strangers from far away lands to become good friends who share a common goal. While the name National History Academy may seem to entail a slow moving and maybe even boring summer I assure you it is the contrary. Whether it be swimming, bonfires, or a movie, the day is always full of something unexpected and ends with a yearning for tomorrow.