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Campus Life at Foxcroft School

Campus Life

National History Academy is located on the secluded campus of Foxcroft School located in Middleburg, Virginia. Class sizes are small, with an average of 13 students per classroom, with one teacher and 1-2 teaching assistants. Students will typically be in a classroom three times per week. Class time is used to hold case discussions, debates, and site visit preparation. Site visits will usually occur three times per week. Sunday is our day off when shuttles are provided to the town of Middleburg where students can go grocery shopping if need be.

Student lounge

The Schoolhouse (where classes are held) is a short walk away from the dorms and dining hall. The auditorium is also located in the Schoolhouse. Debates, guest speakers and the final ceremony will be held there.

There is a student lounge located on the second floor of the schoolhouse; it provides a place for students to relax during break times. Typically two fifteen-minute breaks will occur on class days – one in the morning, and one in the afternoon.

There are two downstairs common areas in the Schoolhouse, it is common for students to congregate in these areas before class or during breaks.

Classroom in Schoolhouse

Student common area in Schoolhouse

The library is used occasionally for guest speakers, club meetings, and camp meetings. Students can also study there as long as a teacher or teaching assistant is with them.

The PX

The Athletic Center is where most students will spend their down time. It includes a basketball court, multipurpose gym, running track, and cardio machinery. Inside the Athletic Center building is Roomies- a common area which includes a full kitchen and dining room, living room, and game room.

The Athletic Center
Roomies living room area
Roomies kitchen

Fun activities are hosted in the living room area. In the adjacent kitchen and game room, there are board games, puzzles, and cards. Roomies promotes a sense of community and creates an environment where students are able to easily make friends.

A full kitchen is located in Roomies, where students are allowed to cook and bake items to share with others. 

The pool is a great place to relax after a long day. It is located near the Athletic Center, and a lifeguard is on duty during pool hours, typically 1pm-6pm daily.

There are eight tennis courts on campus; rackets and balls are provided. Behind the Athletic Center are the outdoor turf soccer fields, a running track and a baseball diamond. Occasionally there are organized sports, but usually students will organize games on their own.

Tennis Courts

Dorm Life

Reynolds Dormitory
Reynolds dorm kitchen

National History Academy uses three dormitories at Foxcroft School: Reynolds, Orchard and Stuart. Boys and girls are in separate dorms.

Each individual dorm features a common room and kitchen, the living room is a great place for students to study or relax. It includes a smart TV where students can watch shows or movies. Dorm meetings will also occur here. The kitchen features a fridge where students can store personal items, as well as a common fridge for shared items.

The laundry room is located in the basement; courtesy baskets are provided and usage is free, however, students must bring their own detergent- individual pods are recommended as they are the most convenient.

Reynolds dorm common room
Reynolds dorm laundry room
Reynolds dorm bathroom

Sleeping porches house around 9-10 students depending on the dorm. Students are allowed to roam campus until curfew which is at 10:00 pm; lights out are typically at 10:30 pm. In the sleeping porches outlets are limited, so it is recommended to bring an extension cord as not everyone will have access to an outlet near their bed.

Rooms are shared between three to four students, each student has their own desk and closet. An individual air conditioning unit is used for each room allowing students to have their desired temperature preference.

Each room has a shared bathroom. There are two sinks, a toilet stall, and a stand up shower. There is a door separating the bathroom from the rest of the room that can be closed for more privacy. Students need to bring their own hand soap as none is provided.

The idea of a sleeping porch may seem odd at the beginning, however, the reasoning behind it makes sense; separating work from sleep. Doing so allows those who want to take naps or sleep to do so peacefully, as the sole purpose of the sleeping porch is for sleeping. Across the hall, in the shared room, students can get work done without disturbing those trying to sleep.

Reynolds dorm sleeping porch
Reynolds dorm room

Dining Hall

Foxcroft Dining Hall

The dining hall is where all meals take place when at Foxcroft. Daily announcements are held at meals. Breakfast consists of a hot selection (for example eggs/pancakes/sausage/oatmeal) or cereal. At lunch, there are ready-made sandwiches, or students can also make their own custom sandwiches at the sandwich bar, which includes a panini press. Dinner is a hot selection which always includes a vegetable (for example pizza and sauteed kale). Fresh fruit and/or a salad bar is offered at every meal. Vegetarian options are always available. Meal times are 7:30 am, 12:30 pm, and 5:30 pm for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Site Visits

Academy students visiting UVA

Site visits will typically occur three times per week, occasionally there will be multiple site visits per day. Bringing snacks and water is recommended as it gets very hot and fatigue can settle in (they also keep water and snacks on the bus – ask if you need something). The camp will travel on two coach buses to each location. There will usually be a guided tour as well as time for students to explore the location on their own.

Students are given a lot of independence at The National History Academy, helping to prepare for college. In addition to this there is a perfect balance of work and play, making for a productive schedule.